Speech Enhancer SGD
Speech Enhancer
Synthesizes new voice - LOUD 'n CLEAR - SOUNDS LIKE YOU!


The Speech Enhancer is the only SGD with a natural sounding voice - because it uses a person's biometric voice characteristics as one of the input and control mechanisms. This unique SGD augments your existing speech components with new synthesized components that blend naturally, sounding just like you - only louder and clearer, easier to understand.

The Speech Enhancer SGD
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  • Speech Generating Device (SGD)
  • Synthesizes New Clear Speech
  • Restores Inaudible Voice
  • Tiny, Battery-powered System
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"...I'll be in the other end of the room and she'll be talking with this and I understand." 


Functional Communication for Soft or Inaudible Voices: A New Paradigm ~ Dr. Jim Rothwell and Dr. Dennis Fuller

"When the SE [Speech Enhancer] was off, speech intelligibility plummeted..." Dr. Denise Cariski and Dr. Jay Rosenbek, clinical study

"It was almost magical . . . appears to be a major step forward"
   ~ John F. Elmer, WATA

"This means the difference between the despair of feeling separate, alone and isolated or feeling the joy of being connected with others through language" ~ Dr. Craig J. Oster


Who uses the Speech Enhancer?

Stroke • Aphonia • Dysphonia • Laryngectomy • Cerebral Palsy • Voice Disorders • Multiple Sclerosis • Spinal Cord Injury • Parkinson's Disease • Huntington's Disease • Traumatic Brain Injury • Muscular Dystrophy • Other Neuromuscular Disorders • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) • Spasmodic Dysphonia • Paralyzed Vocal Cords