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Clarifies and restores functional speech


The Speech Enhancer

Automated Speech Generating Device

Electronic Speech Clarification & Functional Voice Volume

Assistive Technology Clarifies Speech!

Communication with strangers is often the door to independence. The Speech Enhancer opens that door with improved speech clarity and, if needed, functional voice volume.

Sounds like the Person, just Loud N Clear

The Speech Enhancer is the first and only SGD with a natural sounding voice. It retains the person's own voice signature because it uses their biometric voice characteristics as the input and control mechanism for speech synthesis. The Speech Enhancer augments voice components with new synthesized components that blend naturally. When the person speaks into the microphone, their new synthesized voice comes out of the SGD instantly, sounding exactly like them - not robotic - but louder, clearer and easier for a stranger to understand.

No Typing Required

Another dramatic benefit of this voice input is the fact that the communication is natural, quick and easy. No waiting to type or enter info… the person just talks with no delay. Although the Speech Enhancer's function is quite complex, it is simple to use, with no programming required.

This lightweight, battery-powered - and durable - system is worn daily for communication and is also valuable for diagnostics and speech therapy. The main system components are a special waterproof microphone, and a lightweight 8 ounce processor with a miniature loudspeaker. An excellent solution for mild to severe speech challenges, it enables person-to-person communication in noisy places and also on the phone.

Restores Functional Voice Volume

Although it sounds impossible, the Speech Enhancer restores even inaudible voice. That is, a voice too soft for the human ear to hear. Now, even people with clear-but-inaudible speech also benefit from the Speech Enhancer. Soft speech, whether clear or unclear, can direct medical care in all situations: physician's office, drugstore, private communication of vital medical information to physicians and caregivers - including the advance directive. Other SGDs have no accommodation for making their voices heard in noise.

Speech Enhancer Benefits Unclear Speech and Inaudible Voice in Many Ways

A reduction in the level of effort required for speaking means a dramatic reduction of fatigue for the talker. People can talk longer without tiring, a valuable medical benefit. Using the EAF (enhanced auditory feedback), continued improvements in articulation, rate, aeromechanics and prosody may be experienced over time.

Works With Many Kinds of Voices

CP, MS, MD, TBI, vent/trach, Spasmodic Dysphonia, Stroke, Parkinson's, paralyzed vocal cords: people with these particular challenges, as well as many others, are now benefiting. Children interact freely with adults and peers. People with ALS using the Speech Enhancer may talk longer and with much less effort, improving their quality of life.

Who Can Use the Speech Enhancer?

People with Soft Voices and Clear Speech

In almost all circumstances, this super-sensitive system is effective for voice patients; it works with voices ranging from loud to inaudible.

People with Soft or Loud, Unclear Speech

In order to synthesize and clarify, the SGD requires that the person have some articulation. However, their speech input does not have to be audible, precise or consistent. A good candidate for clarification is someone who is usually understood only by family or others who already know their speech. Without the Speech Enhancer, that person would normally be unintelligible to strangers, and perhaps even to their own family in noisy places like a hospital emergency room.

People with Very Severe Speech Challenges

The percentage of clarification improvement achieved is unique to each voice. Even some people with very unclear speech may benefit by learning new speech strategies. Like any worthwhile endeavor, that requires time and effort while using the device. However, even a small improvement often enables conversation with strangers…opening that door of independence!

Important Speech Enhancer Benefits For Funding Agencies

  • Creates new synthesized voice that retains person's voice signature
  • Medical necessity for accurate diagnosis and treatment of all medical conditions
  • Medical necessity for conserving person's strength - dramatic fatigue reduction
  • High acceptance rate - person uses own voice
  • Useful in real world because it blocks background noise
  • Auto-programs itself to the person's speech using multiple inputs
  • Functional evaluation determines eligibility and potential for improvement
  • Prolonged speech therapy not required
  • High level cognitive skill not required - person just talks into the microphone
  • Manual dexterity not required - person just talks into the microphone
  • Multiple output options - Enhanced Auditory Feedback, Vest Pocket and Tabletop Speakers, Wireless Speaker System, Privacy Earphones, Telephone

Funding is Available

Third-party funding has been approved by many sources because of the Speech Enhancer's real world functionality in all kinds of speaking environments. The device has multiple inputs and outputs and does not use pre-recorded messages.

The Speech Enhancer helps agencies meet their goals by enabling people to communicate with their physician and live independently. With tight budgets and managed care, agencies are seeking cost-effective ways to reduce medical risk and help people achieve independence.

The cost of the Speech Enhancer is $7,900 USD. Optional wireless speaker systems are also available. Call 314-467-0772 for details and the name of a certified evaluator.

What are people saying about the Speech Enhancer?

"Rejection is not a problem; people always prefer to use their own voices! I will always need to try this instrument as a solution before I recommend one which doesn't permit the client to speak for themselves."  ~ Speech Language Pathologists

"I didn't think I'd want to bother with this machine, but when I tried it in a noisy place, it really helped me! I am so tired of hearing everybody ask me a HUNDRED MILLION times: WHAT did you say?"  ~ Man with Cerebral Palsy

"Dad is calling people all over the county.... old friends he can talk to again."  ~ Family of gentleman with Parkinson's

"We've seen these individuals' faces light up with enthusiasm and new-found self confidence as they project their own voices across a crowded room to a listener who responds."  ~ Speech Language Pathologist

" You cannot treat what you cannot hear. I must have the diagnostic model for my speech clients."  ~ Speech Language Pathologist

" I can't tell you what it means to us to overhear our Diane giggling on the telephone, just like any other teenager! This boosted her self-confidence more than we ever expected."  ~ Mother of fourteen year old

"This instrument was especially effective for one of my ALS patients. She used it to clarify her speech on the phone and convey her needs to unfamiliar listeners. Then, when her speech worsened, because of the dramatic fatigue reduction it provided, she continued to use it with family. I know it greatly enhanced her quality of life."  ~ Speech Language Pathologist

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