The Speech Enhancer makes speech LOUD 'n CLEAR


How do I see and hear the Speech Enhancer make my speech Loud 'n Clear?

We understand the first thing you might want to know is how you can try this amazing device to see if it works for you.

We are happy to lend the Speech Enhancer to a certified speech language pathologist. They will use the device with you and determine, if you are indeed a candidate. If they recommend the Speech Enhancer for you, they will write a report that you can use to obtain third party funding.

One advantage of this evaluation is YOU get to use the Speech Enhancer yourself. This evaluation is quite precise and detailed, replicating your acoustic environment. It includes EAF therapy, as well as a field trial on evaluation day. Your speech language pathologist will be observing and recording changes in your breathing, effort and the smoothness of your voice, as well as your articulation changes.

If you would like to pursue this evaluation, call your speech language pathologist and give her our number 314-467-0772 to make loan arrangements. If you don't have a therapist now, call the speech pathology department at your local hospital or rehabilitation facility and ask for assistance. Be sure they know you want the Speech Enhancer considered as one of the possible solutions for you.

Some families ask us to send the evaluation DVD training package directly to them so that they can take it to the speech language pathologist and speed things up. If you wish to do this, call 314-467-0772 and leave your name, mailing address and phone.

Is there a rental or lease program for the Speech Enhancer?

The Certified Evaluator program provides a professional, functional evaluation and field trial during which it is determined if you are a candidate for the instrument. Funding sources have been pleased with the thoroughness of these independent evaluation/field trials. Speech Enhancer therefore does not offer a rental program or trial purchase. The purchaser is solely responsible for determining the fitness of the product for their purposes, and all sales are final.

The evaluation/field trial is an exhaustive review of your physical and lifestyle needs, in addition to your current speech/voice capabilities and all potential for change. There may also be other professionals involved in your evaluation/field trial, such as occupational therapists, physical therapist, assistive technology specialists or rehabilitation engineers, to help determine your specific needs.

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Places to see the Speech Enhancer

Where can I see the Speech Enhancer?

There are several opportunities to learn more about the Speech Enhancer:

1) Certified Evaluator for a speech evaluation/field trial

2) Dealer for installation and support

3) National or regional conference on assistive technology or an introductory Speech Enhancer Seminar in your area

Certified Evaluators

A Certified Evaluator is a professional speech language pathologist who has been trained to conduct evaluations, has access to the equipment and microphones, and will provide a complete speech evaluation/field trial. Evaluation costs vary, and are set by the Certified Evaluator.

The Certified Evaluator will recommend the appropriate course of action for you. It may be the Speech Enhancer, another DME device, therapy - or perhaps nothing at all. These speech language pathologists are independent evaluators, not employees of Speech Enhancer, and are ethically bound to see that you receive the most appropriate solution.


Speech Enhancer dealers are trained in the use of the products and work hand-in-hand with the Certified Evaluator to provide service to customers. They can help with equipment installation and funding and will be pleased to assist you. Email us at service@SpeechEnhancer.com or call Voicewave Customer Service at 314-467-0772.

Speech Enhancer is also accepting applicants at various levels of distribution. If you have an organization you have worked with extensively and would strongly recommend, we would like to hear about it. Please contact us at service@SpeechEnhancer.com or call Speech Enhancer Customer Service at: 314-467-0772.

National or Regional Conferences or Conventions

There are numerous conferences where Certified Evaluators are presenting, or Speech Enhancer and their dealers are exhibiting.

Email us at service@SpeechEnhancer.com or call Speech Enhancer Customer Service at 314-467-0772 for upcoming events.

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Availability of Third Party Funding

Is there third party funding for the Speech Enhancer?

Yes. Third-party funding of the Speech Enhancer is available for eligible candidates based on the efficacy of the product and the assistance it provides toward personal independence. Independence translates into lower care costs, new or better jobs, and more independent living -- all of which help funding agencies’ shrinking budgets.

Another important reason for third party funding availability is the Speech Enhancer’s amazing practicality. It can be used in virtually any environment -- regardless of how noisy. It uses a person’s own voice as input, and it therefore requires no programming or keystrokes.

Where can I get assistance with the third party funding?

Ask the Certified Evaluator or dealer, or call Speech Enhancer for specific instructions for each of the following: private insurance, schools, and charitable groups. For additional information email us at: service@SpeechEnhancer.com

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